Power Up Your Signature Program

Upgrade Your Signature Program Experience


Trying to streamline your signature program sales is an uphill battle when you have a scattered process, missing upsell opportunities, and a CRM that's just not integrated.

Your signature program deserves a flawless funnel. One that not only looks good but functions seamlessly, maximizes every sales opportunity, and keeps your clients engaged.

Power up my program

This is perfect for you if ...

  • You're a coach, speaker, or service-based business owner who wants to scale effortlessly.
  • You have a signature program that you're passionate about and want to showcase professionally. 
  • You're tired of managing scattered contacts and crave an organized, integrated CRM. 
  • You want to leverage every sales opportunity with strategically placed upsells and order bumps. 
  • You value a seamless, top-quality sales funnel built on Keap or High Level.

Power up my program

What We'll Build Together & Funnel Package Details...

Robust Sales Page with Tailored Payment Options

A great sales page does more than just list features. I will create a sales page that sells your program, supported by testimonials, benefits, and more.
Plus, I'll integrate multiple payment options, tailored to your services, ensuring a frictionless purchase experience for your clients.

Brilliantly Timed Upsells

Upselling, when done right, feels like a service, not a sales pitch. By strategically positioning upsells that complement the main offer, I will help you maximize your revenue with ease!

Comprehensive Testing for Smooth User Experience

You want your clients to have a flawless experience. That's why I conduct thorough testing on various devices and browsers. From load speed to button functionality, every element is tested to ensure that your clients face no hiccups when navigating through your funnel.

Perfect Integration with Leading Course Platforms

I ensure that your funnel is seamlessly integrated with top course platforms like Keap or HighLevel. This means smooth access for your clients and easy management for you. (Please note that while the funnel is integrated, course setup isn’t included in this service.)

Confirmation Pages and Emails

I will design confirmation pages and emails that reaffirm your client’s decision to purchase. They will receive instant notifications, assuring them that their transaction was successful and providing them with next steps or additional resources.

Automated Follow-Up Emails

Engagement shouldn’t end after the purchase. I set up a sequence of up to 4 automated emails designed to keep your clients informed, engaged, and excited about your offerings. Whether it's a thank-you note, a quick check-in, or a teaser of what’s to come, these emails help in building a lasting relationship with your clients.

Power up my program

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