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Business Nurturing Worksheet

In this business improvement guide, I'll guide you through a process that encourages you to view your business as a valuable relationship, nurturing it for long-term success.

This accompanies Chapter 1 of Purrfectly Persuasive.

Purr-fect Client Workbook

In this guide, I walk you through how to find the ideal guide for your coaching and consulting business.

This accompanies Chapter 2 of Purrfectly Persuasive.

Magnificient Measurements Workbook

In this workbook, I walk you through how to measure essential marketing KPIs in your business.

This accompanies Chapter 3 of Purrfectly Persuasive.

Client Lifecycle Marketing Workbook

In this workbook, I walk you through strategies to engage your audience at each point in the client lifecycle. 

This accompanies Chapter 4 of Purrfectly Persuasive.

Your Tech Stack Checklist

In this workbsheet, I provide a checklist of everything you need for your online business

This accompanies Chapter 5 of Purrfectly Persuasive.

Your Content Calendar

In this worksheet, I share my content calendar that I use for my business. 

This accompanies Chapter 6 of Purrfectly Persuasive.

15 Creative Ways to Automate Your Coaching Business

In this workbook, I share 15 of my favorite marketing automations. 

This accompanies Chapter 7 of Purrfectly Persuasive.

Lessons Learned Worksheet

In this workbook, I help you analyze and refine your marketing results. 

This accompanies Chapter 8 of Purrfectly Persuasive.

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