Client Lifecycle Marketing Workbook

Nurture Client Relationships Throughout Their Journey

Navigating through the various stages of the client lifecycle can often feel like a complex puzzle.

But what if I told you that there’s a way to simplify it, ensuring you engage your audience effectively at every pivotal moment? Introducing my "Client Lifecycle Workbook," a meticulously crafted guide designed to be your companion through each stage of your client's journey, ensuring no opportunity for engagement, nurturing, or upselling is missed.

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Journey Through Every Stage of the Client Lifecycle

In this workbook, I share with you the strategies that have not only worked for me but have also empowered numerous coaches to maintain a thriving community by effectively engaging their audience at each point in the client lifecycle.

From that initial spark of interest to the joy of repeat business and referrals, every stage is a unique opportunity to deepen your relationship with your clients. And this workbook is designed to ensure you do so in a way that feels authentic, rewarding, and, most importantly, impactful.

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What I Cover

  • Strategic Engagement: Learn how to effectively engage your clients at every stage, ensuring they feel seen, valued, and understood.

  • Build and Nurture: Discover the art of building and nurturing relationships that not only last but also evolve into fruitful, long-term collaborations.

  • Maximize Opportunities: Uncover strategies to maximize opportunities for upselling and obtaining referrals, ensuring your business continues to grow and thrive.

  • Avoid Common Pitfalls: Gain insights into common pitfalls at each stage of the client lifecycle and learn how to navigate them with ease and confidence.

Build Lasting, Rewarding Client Relationships

The "Client Lifecycle Workbook" isn’t just a guide; it’s a tool designed to be revisited, ensuring your strategies evolve as your business and client base grows.

It’s a supplement to Chapter 4 of "Purrrfectly Persuasive: Marketing To Both Cats and Humans in the Digital Age," but it’s also so much more.

It’s your roadmap to building a business where clients feel valued, understood, and eager to continue their journey with you.

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3 Modules

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In this business improvement guide, I'll guide you through a process that encourages you to view your business as a valuable relationship, nurturing it for long-term success.

Get the Book (Purrfectly Persuasive)

In Purrrfectly Persuasive, I'll apply digital marketing principles to the art of training a cat - a stubborn, egotistical creature that needs persuasion, much like your ideal client.

By understanding how to communicate with and guide a cat, you can apply the same techniques to effectively engage with your human audience.

Get Support!

Looking for some extra help? Schedule a free 30-minute chat with me! We'll talk about how I can assist you in hitting your 90-day marketing automation targets.

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