Business Nurturing Worksheet

Nurture Your Business Journey with My Exclusive Worksheet!

A Companion Guide to Chapter 1 of "Purrrfectly Persuasive: Marketing To Both Cats and Humans in the Digital Age"

Hello, fellow entrepreneur! Building and nurturing a business is a journey, one that I believe should be cherished and cultivated for long-term success. That's why I’ve created the Business Nurturing Worksheet - a special companion to Chapter 1 of my book, "Purrrfectly Persuasive."

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Viewing Your Business as a Valuable Relationship:

My guide encourages you to perceive your business not just as a venture but as a valuable relationship, one that needs nurturing and attention to flourish and succeed in the long term.

Your Companion on the Entrepreneurial Journey:

The Business Nurturing Worksheet is your go-to guide for keeping the passion and fire alive in your entrepreneurial journey. Whether you're launching a startup or refining an existing business, the insightful questions within will serve as a gentle reminder of why you embarked on this adventure in the first place.

Navigating Through the Ups and Downs:

Think of it like adopting a pet—some days, your furry friend offers all cuddles and purrs; other days, perhaps not so much. Business is no different. There will be days of triumph and days of learning, and through it all, it’s crucial to revisit your 'why.'

Building a Sustainable, Thriving Business:

Designed to help you weather the rough patches and build a sustainable, thriving business, this workbook is here to guide you through the ebbs and flows, ensuring you stay true to your core mission and values.

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Embark on a Journey of Continuous Business Nurturing and Growth.

Dive into a world where your business not only survives but thrives through every stage of its journey. Download the Business Nurturing Worksheet now and start building a sustainable, flourishing business that stands the test of time.

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In this business improvement guide, I'll guide you through a process that encourages you to view your business as a valuable relationship, nurturing it for long-term success. This is a supplement to Chapter 1 of Purrrfectly Persuasive.

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In Purrrfectly Persuasive, I'll apply digital marketing principles to the art of training a cat - a stubborn, egotistical creature that needs persuasion, much like your ideal client.

By understanding how to communicate with and guide a cat, you can apply the same techniques to effectively engage with your human audience.

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Looking for some extra help? Schedule a free 30-minute chat with me! We'll talk about how I can assist you in hitting your 90-day marketing automation targets.

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